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Maryna Bindich: Phantom
"Life with all its phenomena can resemble a dream, a phantom, a bubble, a shadow, a shine of dew or a flash of lightning, so it should be thought of as the same."
Siddhartha Gautama

Do you happen to recall being somewhere at dusk? Have you remembered that certain moment when you envisioned the image of something unknown in detail and with absolute clarity? This vision is definitely real. It is said, tangible is something that is perceptible by touch. But a single blink of your eye or rushing noise from behind destroys this dusky haze so quickly that you have to accuse your eyes of lying.
It is a dream.
Such a kind of dream, that keeps you wondering about reality of previous moments for a long time after awakening. This is what's happening to you today. Surrounded by ghosts of real things, you will try to convince your eyes, body and brain that your surroundings are nothing but illusion or brilliant vision. But will you succeed?
Little moments of history, porcelain fragments, marble puzzle pieces... leather... and some kind of ethereal aesthetics represent the world, that was created by Maryna Bindich.

"... This is a search process. The project is about past and present. How do they interact and influence each other, the correlation (with human touch) and transformation of images. These images are unclear and elusive, we can not explain them, but we have to rethink them, to encourage our sensations... they must be felt with the heart."

Text: Anna Shanska

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