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Iryna Khmara
What does the word "scream" mean? What is the symbolic meaning of this emotional load? How does it appear and where it leads? These questions are risen by photographer Irina Khmara, because one day she became tired of "posing people" and wanted to talk about something honest. And creative search originates from the search for truth. Khmara began her journey with spontaneity, that fits her character, throwing in trash all theoretical basis. She used the approach of naïve explorer, who uses the pressure tests to explore the available reality. What was the result of that exploration? Thirteen stories of real women, revealing the psycho-emotional component of scream. It turned out that the scream was not only about grief and pain, but also about joy, and it caused relief, and not only tremor or heat. What is common in most stories is a feeling of release. Perhaps that is the reason the scream is important. Anyway, only the viewer can say the final conclusions.

Ivanna Stratiychuk.

Maria Fabrycheva – special guest of the project. Psychotherapist, family counselor, art-director of psychological and social projects. Maria is going to tell why it is important to be friends with your emotions, and will give some advice on healthy emotional reactions.

Iryna Khmara, photographer:
I was tired of photoshoots where people were posing, preparing for it diligently, smiling and hiding inside of their shells. And one day (actually it was night) an idea flashed into my mind – to make "real" portraits, show the emotions of that moment and call that project "Scream". I was making pictures of women before the scream, at the very moment of it and after the scream. Moreover, they got a task – to recall extremely emotional positive or negative episodes of their life, and scream about them. Someone was crying afterwards, for someone it was a challenge.

Ira Gvozdyk, curator, gallery owner:
Have you ever tried to scream? Not just inside, but in a way people could hear you? Or at least you can hear yourself? I tried to do that. When they called me from the hospital and told me that my father is gone, and when I was giving birth to my daughter. Scream is something that helps us deal with problems and reveal our emotions, sometimes you just can't live without it. Our life starts with scream, when oxygen fills our lungs. Real, genuine portraits of thirteen women in three different states will make you closer to their joy or grief, you will feel empathy, recall your own experience and think how important it is to timely reveal your emotions.

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