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Ira Gvozdyk:
On August 20th, 2019 new social project of artist Ira Gvozdyk - «Loss 160» - will be presented; this project is aimed to draw public attention to the issues of illegal animal killing, nurtured by officials' extreme negligence and inactivity with overwhelming ministerial absurd and bureaucracy. 160 prints depicting the moose head will be demonstrated with accompanying video.
The title «Loss 160» is itself a wordplay (the original meaning of English word "loss" – "deprivation") which sends us back to events that took place last autumn. Kyiv Distirct Administrative Court cancelled the prohibition against moose hunting and stated the Decree issued by Ministry of Environmental Protection on inclusion of the mentioned species to the Red Book to be illegitimate. The verdict was justified by the court with relevant explanation that "ministry has not provided any scientific evidence for the species to be included in the Red Book of Ukraine and has not presented the exact data related to the species population and its dynamics". Afterwards Ministry of Environmental Protection approved the moose killing seasonal limit - 160 animals.

In April 2019 an appeal of Ministry of Environmental Protection was sustained – moose was brought back to the Red Book list and 160 animals got a chance to survive. With an opposite decision from appeal court they would be already murdered.

Project «Loss 160» is a compilation where each item is purely symbolic: 160 moose head images present 160 animals officially allowed to be murdered. On the other hand the population and number of images present only lifeless figures and statistics. Still every image is unique – just like animals we managed to save; that is why Ira picked this format for presentation.

What the artist tells about her creation: «I have no wish to ignite discussions on hunting ethics which lead nowhere or come up with deeply radicalized ideas. The message is simple: animals must not become victims of our meaningless and cruel modern entertainment which itself is irresponsible and contradicts the human common sense».

Wednesday-Sunday 12:00- 18:00
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