Gallery 83
Dmytro Prosvietov:
The one who fades away
Gallery 83 presents a personal exhibition of Dmytro Prosvietov "The one who fades away".
"Тhe one who fades away" is the second personal exhibition of author comprising three parts: first presents a series of Carpathian and Crimean lanscapes performed during the last few years in graphite; second is a collection of nudes author produced while studying at National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecturs (NAFAA) and kindly provided by the Academy's fund. Third component - piece called "The Circle" - which is a three-layer dynamic composition with the photos of beloved placed in the centre, figures of 12 months (middle circle) and seasons of the year painted as horsemen (outer circle). These works are divided by the 10-year interval, lines of transformations and political turbulences but one thing is common - the Mater's touch.

According to author, "there is no philosophical background, concealed or monstrously important content. If my academic works were mostly composed in the studio where it was possible to dive into complete comfort and stop watching the time (it urged me search and master new styles and solutions), lately I have turned to rapid landscaping of certain conditions when you have to reproduce quite unsteady and specific environment, specially picked locations."

Аbsolute and mythical, authentic and mysterious, calm and serene. He is the one who opens the door. The one who exists in the middle. Dmytro Prosvietov is the one who fades away. His unclear and smoky art still gives the feeling of borders, preciseness and presence. You may not know the locations, the people, season or year, you may not have a slightest thought of mountains, hight breathing through the fire and rain bombarding the tent - all this you will find here, without extra remarks and comments, interpretations and clues. Just you and the impeccable shape of pencil lines, thrown by the Master's hand. Grey color turns into vivid and warm pattern: it gives you the pleasure of forest chill air, pricky kisses of fire, sharp caress of frosty wind. Pure inspiration. Art that is timeless - every time time it is presented in new space. His works are not the ones which breathe, you start breathing inside them.

PS. Sfumato (Ital. sfumato — softened, shady, literally - the one who fades like smoke) is a definition used for the soft painting style, absence of clear borders between tones, diffuse and somewhat diluted contours. Sfumato was popularized by the prominent Renaissance painter Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519).

Born in 1977 in Dniptopetrovsk. In 2004 became a stuent of National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecturs (NAFAA), graphical department, in the workshop of professor M. Kompanets of whom he has the warmest memories as of teacher and friend. The majority of academic works are kept in the fund. In 2013, after completion of assistantship he returned to his hometown. Dmytro's works were exhibited in many group projects initiated by Mystetskyi Arsenal, Academy's Gallery, personal project of Hetmanship Museum in Kyiv, Auction held by Ukrainian Catholic University (Lviv).

Specil guest - "Red Woods Trio" band

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