Gallery 83
Ukrainian Print Exchange №2-3*
III UPE (Ukrainian Print Exchange) — Third Ukrainian print exchange project

This December with the support of Gallery 83 based in Kyiv an exhibition of works by Ukrainian print exchange participants will be held for the third time. During this time, around 100 Ukrainian and foreign graphic artists took part in the event, thanks to which was a result of a cross-section of contemporary artistic ideas.

The key point of the exchange is for each artist to provide 14 prints of a given size in limited edition, created specifically for the event. Artists are allowed to work in any known classical techniques
of printmaking. The organizing studio of the exchange, NAPAPERI, leaves two prints for the archive and exhibition-auction, other editions are returned to the participants through the means of 'draw'. Thus, by the end of the exchange, every participant has a chance to collect a few works of their colleagues. By taking part in such exchanges across the world, an artist has a unique opportunity
to garner a personal collection of original prints at home.

By each being represented by their own work, artists create a virtual project where the only common feature is the type of art — graphics. Authors wage a fight with material (metal, stone, linoleum, wood), which dictates its own rules. Under one roof audience will have an opportunity to see historical references, claim to relevancy, homage to their own tradition and yearning to personal rueful feelings.

Ira Gvozdyk is a graphic artist, gallery owner and collector, which herself has frequently participated in print exchanges abroad, organised and curated a similar project in Ukraine. Together with printing studio "NAPAPERI", she organised a print exchange called UPE (Ukrainian Print Exchange), hoping that Ukrainian graphic art will gradually reach new heights, and could compete
for its place on the global art fairs.

"Simultaneously, I would like to hold a charity fair to sell original prints of my own collection (etchings, engravings, lithography, monotypes) in order to collect funds for children with special needs. Charity organisation "Vartymey" takes care of these children, where my friend works. Around two years ago me and these children have created around 15 works in the original printing technique. I am planning to put these works up for sale too and hold something of a quiet auction. The highlight of the Fair will be the lots of well known Ukrainian printmakers who gladly provided their prints for this Fair " — shares Iryna of her plans.

*Since we were unable organized UPE #2 in 2017 (I was pregnant), we combined it with UPE#3.

Sincerely, Ira Gvozdyk.

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