Gallery 83
Alena Tokovenko
A human being is a construct, which is comprised of diverse knowledge (as a rule, it is often brief and blurred). A person is doomed to garner something, that he or she can later call "their complete personality". This "Frankenstein's monster" begins to develop shortly after acquiring physical separateness during the process of birth. Without realizing it, they acquire a gift, or as a consequence of being born, a consciousness. Afterwards there are a few options left. We grow and perceive...we greedily absorb everything that comes our way (especially, if we think that we reject it).

While we painstakingly store information inside our "monster's" head, we acquire memory! It allows us to spare time by shaping everything that we see in mirrors and dreams. It builds DNA and controls our every spoken (and unspoken) word.

Each second memory transforms and mutates, it multiplies and exists inside your monster, obeys it and uses it as a broadcasting device. In one way or another, memory codes it's content into a cipher of words, images, sounds, etc., which exist further in space and time on their own without your help. They form a new memory and a new "transcript".

*Transcript — a RNA molecule, which is formed during the process of transcription (an expression of corresponding gene or a segment of DNA). Examples of transcripts include: mRNA, rRNA, tRNA, smRNA.

RNA — Ribonucleic acid (RNA) — is one of the three major macromolecules (two others are DNA and proteins), which are contained in cells of all living things and play major part in coding, decoding, regulation and expression of genes.

Other definitions of the word "transcript" have been omitted, due to their self-evident character.

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