Gallery 83
Do you love the movie "Back to the future" as much as we do? Not only do we have a fantastic journey unfold before our eyes, but also the allure of the '80's: eccentric cars and freaky inventions, crazy student parties, electronic music and stylish ensembles (just remember the ubiquitous Nike trainers!). That's the time when Pepsi-generation emerges, which desires to have everything and right now: have a high status not due to achievement, but thanks to hip brands; be a free consumer of goods and services; long for recognition by highlighting material success. A generation that demands more, but gives less and more reluctantly.
Which reminds us of something!

On 16th of April Gallery 83, we, students of 'Art. Management. Curation" course and 'Visual Communication Professium' of Projector school, open the 'Back To The Future' exhibition.

Now, we don't promise a sale of Nike trainers or anything, but we do offer an opportunity to travel back in time with the help of a gallery time machine, in order to compare what was hot then and now, and to come to the realization that really, #allweneedisLIKE?


Александра Сегал (Alexandra Segal)
Aleona Bezugla
Anastasia Kirlitsya
Nastia Sokyrko
Anfisa Doroshenko
Валентина Жукова (Valentina Zhukova)
Vladyslava Grabenko
Diana Ethio
Ира Лысенко (Ira Lysenko)
Iryna Rudenko
Mariya Naumchyk
Aleksandra Yuhimenko
Юлия Геннадиевна


Дмитрий Лиховой

Yevhen Chuhuievets
Ira Polyanskaya
Katerina Korolevtseva
Oleksandr Serbin
Alexander Tregub
Елена Кузьмина
Olia Muzychenko
Серж Кей (Serg Key)
Snizhana Chernetska

Curator of the course "Art. Management. Curation" - Ekaterina Pidgaina

Curator of the course "Visual Communication Professium" - Alexander Tregub

Wednesday-Sunday 12:00- 18:00
Tarasivska str., 3A
(Mark - there is the memorial plate of Semen Gudzenko poet near entrance)
+380 63 244 8682
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