Gallery 83
Arthur Mloian
An abstract artist, to whom nothing figurative is alien.
The paintings are inherent expression, monumentality, a kind of brutal and elegant harmony. The texture of the works is quite complex and, often, not transmitted by the photographs of the works.
A series of 8 works created in 2018 going to be presented for the first time.
The exposition will also be supplemented by three works from the "Outbreak of the Present" series, previously shown at the exhibition of the Zenko Foundation in Lviv 2018.

Autor about project:
"The initial accessibility interpreted essence of what we see always obstructs our reach towards the unaffected perception of what stands behind it all. Everything is explained, so we ask ourselves why bother to sense, think and experience, and risk to miss what matters beyond the chewed reality.

Anonymous is a series of artworks about the hidden unclarities wandering through a human mind. These are the images alter egos, which are to be examined to comprehend the real state of affairs."

Curator - Elena Varvarova.
Wednesday-Sunday 12:00- 18:00
Tarasivska str., 3A
(Mark - there is the memorial plate of Semen Gudzenko poet near entrance)
+380 63 244 8682
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